DATE: Thursday 6 July, 1995

PLACE: London

WEATHER: Hot - even here!

REMARKS: The good service on the flight is spoilt by a broken sky-bridge and a stairway descent (painfully slow!)

Clearance is OK - again by-passing with the kids. Bryce is waiting for us & somehow manages to squeeze us and bags all into his Ford Escort. He still drives flat-out, and the roads are very narrow.

Enchanting Terrace housing, including in Fielding Road a replacement after the Blitz bombing. We stroll to Chiswick High St. Curious in many ways, like Wellington when we were young - square pavers, glass tiles in the pavement for basement light, etc.

Also, however, very different: more traffic & people, cosmopolitan shops, and the expected mixture of commerce & residences.

The brick housing is familiar but clearly not NZ (other than in some stylistic echoes).
Bryce loses/has stolen his wallet - cash and cards.







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