DATE: Monday 3 July, 1995

PLACE: Los Angeles


Disneyland, Los Angeles

REMARKS: The morning is to be spent shopping in Anaheim Plaza, especially at Mervyn's Department Store: jeans shorts, sneakers, etc. all round. Prices make buying worthwhile. Also Old Navy Store.

Back to Hotel to get 2:00 p.m. shuttle to Disneyland. Vast carpark!!

Vast crowds!! We realize later that it's a holiday weekend (Independence day, July 4)! Why on earth didn't we realize that earlier??!

Took us a while to adjust to the queues -long! Nerves got the better of us and we stayed primarily in Fantasyland - 'It's a small world', Alice in Wonderland', Mad Hatter's Tea Party' (riding in cups!), Peter Pan's flight, Storybook Land canal boats. This last disappointing. Jayne both frightened and fascinated by other rides e.g. Peter Pan's flight. Eventually found food - kids waste a lot! - and then continued into Toontown.

In afternoon had a good view of the impressive enthusiasm of the cast of the lion King Parade - floats, dancers, songs, etc. Evening also gave us view of the Main Street Electric Parade - tacky but impressive from a distance.

Toontown is a good scale for Charlotte and Jayne - into Mickey & Minnie's houses and a play area for Jayne.

Spectacular fireworks at 9:30 p.m. right overhead. Very percussive as well as visually stunning. Even Jayne was entranced.

Pocahontas show is the popular event; Indiana Jones the popular ride. Crowds too big and the wait’s too long in the heat for us.

10:30 shuttle back to the hotel. Sleep very quickly!

Charlotte's constipation breaks during the night, giving Desiree a very disrupted night, during which I am blissfully unaware. Toilet is blocked as a result! 






Anaheim Plaza





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