DATE: Sunday 3 September, 1995

PLACE: Dublin to Reading

WEATHER: Cool and damp

REMARKS: Breakfast over, we head into Dublin, photograph Mulligan's Bar, and head for the ferry at Dun Laoghaire.

Being a little early, we find the Martello Tower in which Joyce spent time writing; not a lot to see, but Desiree can say she's done it.

The ferry is a 'Condor / Lynx' fast ferry. The crossing leaves Desiree queasy and Sarah sick, but is mercifully quick. Exiting Holyhead at a crawl, there is time to note the Welsh signs, a group of 'Mexicans' leaving a pub, and the dry pastures before the others doze and I'm navigating alone, and miss a turn-off. The result has us heading around the north of Wales towards Chester rather than through Snowdonia.

Struggling on, Desiree guides us eventually onto the Motorways and we head south.

Non-stop until a late meal-break at dusk in a McDonalds at Banbury (as in 'Ride a cock-horse to...'). Outside thousands of birds are circling to find a roost in a few trees. We watch in awe, and dodge the bombs!!

Eventually we hit the A34 bypassing Oxford, then the M4 and the turn-off to Theale.

Dave, Barbara and Sam are waiting and welcoming. At last we can stop.







Martello Tower

Dun Laoghaire


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Mulligan's Bar

Joyce's Martello Tower

James Joyce

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