DATE: Tuesday 4 July, 1995

PLACE: Los Angeles


Universal Studios, Los Angeles

REMARKS: Slept until almost 10:30 -just caught the Coach to Universal Studios at 11:00 -what a panic!

Transfer to another coach and back to the Freeway. Good commentary from the driver about what is visible. The Studios are in the hills - marked contrast with the flat Disneyland site at Anaheim. Crowded, but less intense/dense than Disneyland. Started with the Tram Tour of the 'backlot'. Very Good, with non-stop commentary of viewing sites.

Earthquake and King Kong were a bit much for Jayne; Flash-flood, Jaws, and collapsing bridge entertaining; Avalanche very disorienting and disconcerting.

Again the problem: What first? In what order? Today we are 'experienced' and not so overcome by the vast crowds and scale: so - down to the Studio Centre.

ET ride is good fun; Charlotte especially thrilled to have ET say good-bye to her 'personally'. Cinemagic interesting. Desiree & Jayne avoided Backdraft which was preachy but then intense; Charlotte especially worried by the heat and proximity of the effects; Sarah too probably but not willing to let on!

Back up 4 escalators! To the Entertainment Centre. Lunch: late and kids again picky and wasteful. This is going to become expensive!

Jayne enjoyed a stint in PlayLand & could run about a bit - some activity of her own!
Flintstones Show a hoot. I got caught and invited to 'audition' live; played up to it & got a few laughs! What would Father have thought: 'To be or not to be, ...'?

Looked at Apollo 13 & Casper static displays - amazing detail, but out of place in this context? Missed both Animal Actors and Wild West Shows - a shame!

Filling in time for the bus back we wandered into Universal City Shopping Mall - Sarah & Desiree had read about it recently. Unfortunately no time to dwell but worth a return visit.

During the return trip we spend time 'fireworks spotting'. From the hotel room we can see the Knotts' Berry Farm display - absolutely brilliant, although at that distance without the percussive intimacy of the Disneyland display (which had been right overhead).

Arrangements made for a 6:00 am wakeup call. Disneyland calls!!






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Universal Studios

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