DATE: Tuesday 5 September, 1995

PLACE: London to San Francisco


REMARKS: We're later leaving than I feel comfortable with, and the rush-hour traffic slows to a crawl in the morning snarl.

Depositing Desiree, the girls, and the bags at Terminal 1, I seek directions to the Avis car return. These found, I discover Desiree et al returning to the car: we should be at Terminal 4!

Re-loaded, we dash for Terminal 4, and repeat the process. I then head back to Avis, leave the car, and take a shuttle to join the others.

I arrive in time to help sort out the bags, including the one with the VAT-free shopping. We then complete the customs clearance, where Charlotte is frisked because of a metal tin. VAT forms stamped and posted, we have time for a quick look at the shops before boarding.

The flight is long, not overnight, and entertaining the kids a daunting prospect. Fortunately they sleep part of the way.

When the cloud breaks, we can see the mountains and glaciers of Greenland, and, later, the tundra-like expanse of northern Canada. We sweep in over San Francisco and de-plane. Customs and Immigration are straight-forward, although lengthy.

A cab finds us our Hotel - in a none-too salubrious area! They claim to have received our booking only that morning, and only have 2 rooms suitable, and without inter-connecting doors. Not a situation Desiree is happy with.

We nap for a couple of hours, before going to the next block to a Quality Hotel (maybe we should have stayed there?) restaurant for dinner. The girls are very tired and dinner includes considerable wastage. Oh well! All to bed.






Heathrow Airport

San Francisco

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Heathrow Airport

San Francisco

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