DATE: Thursday 24 August, 1995

PLACE: Belfast to Ballycastle

WEATHER: Windy and overcast

Visiting the Glens

REMARKS: The drought and record-breaking summer have broken. We pack and head off: by way of last-minute shopping for a long skirt for Sarah in Belfast City.

Carrickfergus has a Castle we admire and a ride we take. Interesting, although many illustrations are 2-dimensional, the kids are now taking these in their stride.

Along the coastal route to Ossian's Grave then to a real Crannog at Fair Head. This is an interesting defensive idea.

The Giant's Causeway is crawling with visitors. The Visitor Centre would have been more valuable if not so busy. A walk down to the rocks - amazing regular formations. Charlotte especially delights in the chance to climb in the wind and to walk about.

Jayne falls, which dampens her enthusiasm. We return to Ballycastle to shop and then stumble onto the cottage we're staying in. We're first in, so we claim bedrooms and get dinner.

The others arrive, and the preparations for the wedding continue.







Ossian's Grave, Antrim

The Giant's Causeway


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Carrickfergus Castle

The Giant's Causeway


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