DATE: Sunday 23 July, 1995

PLACE: Seille and Saone Rivers

WEATHER: Warm and Breezy

Gently down the stream!

REMARKS: A cool start with a rude awakening from an angry French fisherman in whose favourite spot we evidently were.

He was not impressed with our insistence on having breakfast before leaving; so much so, he cast us off! We made a hasty recovery, stirred up his fishing area, and went in search of a quiet breakfast spot.

The rest of the day is spent puttering along, tying up to eat, and passing through the town of Macon; in other words a lot of time spent doing not a lot! Great!

Macon is a very pretty town. Again the streets are irregular, with buildings right to the roadside. The shops are more readily identified than in Italy, with better signage.

We find the Public Relations office, collect a pamphlet or two, and identify possible dentists for Desiree before returning to the boat for dinner and a quiet evening of chat.







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