DATE: Monday 24 July, 1995

PLACE: Macon to Tournus


The Medieval & The Modern

REMARKS: Fresh croissants for breakfast.

Desiree has disappeared in search of dental care. It transpires she has an infection under a filling; anti-biotics are prescribed and work. Desiree is full of praise for her French dentist and his technology.

We go for a stroll: the others to look at the church; me to find a Bank for cash. It turns out that most shops are shut on Mondays, so I have a brisk walk to the far end of the town centre. Mission accomplished, on the return I notice a lovely Dome, the surface of which is apparently mosaic-like.

We re-group and set off. The afternoon is 3 hours of steady cruising to Tournus. No locks and a wide, gentle river. Lots of grey herons, swans, small herds of (mainly) Charollais cattle (8-12 seems to be the herd size), and lots of people fishing. There are even trains! Mainly passenger. The buildings are different than in Italy. Although tall, the materials are darker, and the roofs are of dark slate.

If Italy was arable and dominated by industrial sized fields of corn and sun-flowers, this part of France (and more towards Chambery) is pastoral, with ample hay and small herds. Closer to Tournus, more space is devoted sunflowers and corn.







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