DATE: Wednesday 23 August, 1995

PLACE: Belfast

WEATHER: Overcast, Mild

Heritage time

REMARKS: Cavan calls. Our route takes us south from Belfast on the Motorway west and then onto secondary roads to Armagh.

Here we pause at the Anglican Cathedral (which looks across town at the Roman Catholic version on another hill) in the graveyard of which is buried Brian Boru. I can't find it, so have no picture for my beer labels (although I discover later it is actually INSIDE the Cathedral).

On to Monaghan. We cross the border which resembles nothing so much as a 'lock' for cars - high concrete walls, barbed wire, surveillance cameras, booms, ramps, and not a person in sight! A stark contrast with, for example, entry to Switzerland or at Basle, where the guards didn't even blink at us.

First stop is at Belturbet (the Knoxes): no trace in the cemetery, so photos only of the village, a scene which will become typical - angular narrow streets, buildings hard up to a narrow footpath, stone and pebble-dash construction. We go on to Cavan where I visit the Information Office and claim a key-ring with a Mulligan coat of arms.

On to Ballyhaise and gold! The Church is a find: grave-stones, and inside the Church memorials, especially to the 'Humphrys' family -hence the mis-spelling.

We're directed to a Robert Mulligan who although with fading sight and arthritis, is, at 61, still alert, lively, and interesting. I gather data and names and addresses, and am re-directed to 'Regaskin', the family seat.

Here I find George Milligan, Brian, Olive, and Leta. George is 91 next January 13, Brian and Leta his grandchildren; Olive is Brian's wife.

We're welcomed, made to feel at home with tea and cakes (from the family bakery behind the house) while George and I chat. He remembers a visit in 1917 and by a 'diplomat' (Ron, 1960!). I gather more data, comments, and a photocopy of an early photo of the house, and have made valuable contacts. A successful day!

The drive home is through lovely countryside along narrow hedge-lined lanes. As we go north the weather clouds and light rain is falling - difficult driving in half-light.

A late night for the kids.











The Church at Ballyhaise

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