DATE: Saturday 2 September, 1995

PLACE: Tully Cross to Dublin

WEATHER: Cloudy, cool

REMARKS: We have packed, cleaned, and paid up; farewelled Kirsten, Adrian, and Cushla (who is staying on in Ireland), and then left. First we have to return to Galway before heading east to Dublin.

With a single stop at a marble factory (for a few purchases) we journey, around Galway, and then strike wider, faster roads going east. A late lunch at Tyrellspass in a 13th century castle - a small and homely feeling.

We drive beside the Liffey into the heart of Dublin, and find, inadvertently, O'Connell Street. The city is crawling: tomorrow is the final of the All-Ireland Hurling competition (Clare vs Offaly). There is a long queue at the accommodation desk of the Information Office, so we decide to chance our arm.

Two hours later we finally accept a Bed-&-Breakfast at Howth. Jayne and Charlotte even have a little bit of lawn on which to kick a soccer ball.

We are sent to a small but very busy restaurant for dinner of pizzas - very nice.

I leave the others for an early night and venture back into Dublin. Alone and navigating by guesswork, I again stumble into O'Connell Street. From there Poolbeg Street is straight-forward. 5 minutes later I'm in John Mulligan's Bar. It is absolutely packed - an interesting mix of regulars, tourists, and hurling supporters. I sup 2 pints, watch the crowds, and buy 3 t-shirts. Mission accomplished, I head back to Howth.






Tully Cross




Mulligans Bar, Poolbeg St

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Tyrellspass restaurant

Mulligans Bar, Poolbeg St

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