DATE: Friday I September, 1995

PLACE: Tully Cross, Renvyle Peninsular

WEATHER: Cloudy, cool

Galway City

REMARKS: A poster tells me that the surname Mulligan translates as '0 Maolagain = bald / tonsured' and Milligan 0 Maoileachain = bald / tonsured'. The two names are associated with the area just north and west of Donegal. Ballyhaise means 'Haye's Town' and seems to be associated with O'Reillys.

We plan to visit Galway City, about 1.5 hours away. We wind through rugged countryside and alongside loughs and rivers, including some very picturesque towns and villages.

Galway has the appearance of a modem, thriving English city - until we get lost in a maze of inner city lanes. We park in a building and enter a mall which encloses part of the original city wall. Jayne gives us a momentary fright as she wanders in the opposite direction.

Reunited, we wander to the main square and along the narrow streets, jammed with other tourists. We pause at a bank in what was Lynch's Castle - the story of which intrigues Desiree (apparently a Mayor tried and convicted his son for a murder, and executed him, despite the protests of the citizens, by throwing him from a window).

We lunch on the local McDonalds and then Sarah buys a tee-shirt, before we wander on, encountering some lovely puppets performing on a street corner, to the Spanish Gate, where a huge number of swans have gathered. I find a music shop called Mulligan's while Charlotte is having her fringe cut. Galway is a lovely city, worthy of more time to explore. We return through rain. We try to find a horse-riding site for Charlotte, but fail.

The night is spent quietly with Kirsten and Adrian.






Tully Cross

Galway City

Lynch's Castle

Spanish Gate

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