DATE: Wednesday 5 July, 1995

PLACE: Los Angeles

WEATHER: Hot - again!

An American stop-over

REMARKS: Frantic start -wake (5:30 am), dress, breakfast, pack, checkout, and arrange transfer to LAX. 7:30 Shuttle gets us to Disneyland at 7:50; queues are already 20-30 deep and the car-parks are filling rapidly.

Desiree & Sarah head for the Indiana Jones ride (will queue for 1.25 hours!) while Jayne, Charlotte & I meander through Frontierland. Charlotte backs away from Thunder Mountain - probably just as well - but we stumble onto Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Jayne is alternately worried and fascinated. Good models, use of synchronized sound, a good artillery duel through which we sail. We also venture onto the Riverboat Ride which re-kindles Charlotte's waning interest with passing Indians on horseback, burning log cabins, deer, and moose.

Then Desiree & Sarah re-join us & we move to Tomorrowland for the Monorail. This is disappointing as it doesn't give a full tour of the whole site as we had expected. Desiree & Sarah go onto the Submarine while the rest of us drive around Autopia.

Finale is: souvenirs. Jayne scores Bambi, Charlotte a Thumper, and Sarah the Pocahontas CD. A drink, a 'nearly-ride' on the Casey Jones train then it is time for the Shuttle back to the Hotel. Two hours to fill in with lunch, gifts to be bought and a swim.

Finally transfer to LAX. Charlotte manages to leave Ruth (beloved soft toy) on the shuttle, so I call the hotel from the airport & ask them to find it and post to Bryce in London.
Everyone sleeps on the coach - the pace is catching up with us?

Check-in is more rigorous (we have to show that our hair-dryer is not a hand-gun - & more pressured due to the numbers of people, but we get there.

Time to kill - toilets & a snack (& a quick replacement of Jayne's frock after a spillage). We get ushered onto the plane; again, a family does have some benefits!

Another Mulligan is seated next but one to me; but he's from Taranaki & apparently not related. J & C sleep almost the whole trip - they even have to be woken for breakfast! Even Sarah sleeps for an hour or two.

British Airways service is good, and they even manage to find spare kids meals.






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