DATE: Friday 7 July, 1995

PLACE: London

WEATHER: Warm -pleasant

REMARKS: A sleep-in at last. A gentle start to the day which helped everyone relax. Left with Bryce about noon. The Tube into the city. Surprisingly quiet running & fabric-covered seats. Doors not automatic which surprised me. Costs are high - even with an appreciating dollar - must check what it is currently.

Museum of Natural History is the first stop. £5.50/adult, £34 family pass to 2 museums. We concentrate on the interactive displays for kids. These are very good, especially the displays on human biology: perception, learning, reproduction, hormones, etc.

We go on to the Science Museum & the Launch-pad exhibit (a la Science Alive). We all go our own way to fascinating and fun hands-on experimental exhibits. Up one floor to the flight section with models demonstrating the principles of flight. Again, good displays as in turning controls of models in a wind tunnel to show how rudder, aerilions, etc. work (Sarah had been asking why the flaps on planes wings went up & down).

Home by Tube through rush-hour traffic, although so slow as not to be intimidating.
The Tubes were crowded but not excessively so. The most noticeable feature is the speed of the locals - i.e. they know what to do & just do it. This is an area not designed for tourists like us.

The roads in Chiswick: suburban streets are three lanes wide, with 2 used for parking so congestion is frequent & passing difficult. Also as an early 'garden suburb' the streets are odd-shaped & irregularly spaced; attractive but maze-like in effect. The area around South Kensington Tube Station & Exhibition Road (i.e. near the Museums) is the same - odd angles and a maze of small streets. Traffic engineering must be a task of separating the impossible from the undo-able.

Dinner on Bryce's patio, & the kids are late to bed - oh well! This by floodlight -a very pleasant end to a relaxed and enjoyable day. Even tried 2 English beers: very distinctive and unusual. Read interesting Beer Guide from Sainsbury's - such a publication a possibility for NZ?






Museum of Natural History

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Museum of Natural History

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