London impressions

REMARKS: Lovely, but I suspect also irritating. It's very attractiveness acts as a magnet to tourists, and must be a real burden to the inhabitants.

The density and variety of the buildings creates a fascinating landscape, as do the network of irregular streets.

Many of the buildings are a lovely cream colour and a number have gold touches or statues which glitter and shimmer in the sun.

The inner city, while obviously a 'tourist mecca' is equally obviously a living, functioning city not geared solely to the needs of tourists. These are catered for (tour buses, boats, sites, etc.) but as an integral part of the urban fabric, not an artificial additional construct.

No motels or self-proclaiming tourist hotels (at least in this area!)

But the city is dirty. My feet are black after a day walking the streets. Litter is everywhere - an interesting contrast with the near-obsessive tidiers of Disneyland and Universal Studios - and locals (and occasionally tourists) seem not to care, and contribute most of it needlessly.






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