DATE: Wednesday 26 July, 1995

PLACE: Gigny to Verdun sur Le Doubs


Verdun sur Le Doubs

REMARKS: A long sail; lots of long stretches of the River Saone; war-planes overhead last evening and a few more screech through the sky this morning.

The aim is to push for Verdun in time to secure a berth for the night. Dave leaves me to it, as I have begun steering the boat and adjusting to the curious need to constantly adjust and correct. Indeed I take us through some of the morning, and then Dave takes over after lunch while I catnap.

We reach Verdun mid-afternoon. It is a small town, with a beautiful Port de Plaisance. We secure a berth; none too soon, as there is, for the next few hours, a near constant procession of boats coming, going, or prospecting. We wander the town, find a bank, shop, buy Sarah maths equipment and negotiate postage for post-cards.

It is now 1800, so kids are fed and then we repair to the roof to refresh ourselves before dining. Alfresco joins us and we dine on the roof. An evening of interesting and free-ranging discussion ends about 1030 or 1100 at bedtime.

The evening has been marked by a spectacular lightening display which passes by some distance away, but lights the whole sky. The evening has been overcast - hence the lightening - and the night brings rain.






River Saone

Verdun sur Le Doubs

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River Saone

Verdun sur Le Doubs

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