DATE: Thursday 3 August, 1995

PLACE: Paris


REMARKS: An early start to the expedition to Versailles. We walk across the river (well, a bridge actually - the Pont Royal) to the Musee d'Orsay. Here we enter the Metro and an English-speaking ticket clerk helps out. As in London, the trains appear clean and somewhat sterile, but quiet, frequent and quick.

We get to the station (end of the line) to a sign warning of pick-pockets -great!! Uffizi again?

We eventually track down a bank for cash and then queue in the hot sun on uneven cobbles (how on earth did the horses cope with their unevenness?) for over an hour.

The Chateau is grand, even grandiose, and again, heavily, ornately decorated. Casserta clearly was a copy, but outstanding in its own right I'm also struck by the obsession with the ancients, and the clear wish of the French royals and Napoleons to cast themselves in a classical mould and thereby legitimize themselves. There is also a clear pattern of self-aggrandizement I find disconcerting and off-putting. I think I'm becoming overdone.

The mirrors in the Hall of ...needed cleaning!

We brunch in the shade outside the grounds (having given the gardens a miss because of the heat).

We successfully negotiate the return train trip - although Desiree's watch falls off somewhere en-route - Oh well, something else left behind!

We're all fading so we return to the relative' cool' of the Hotel to rest. Dinner again at the Hippo - confusion over the kids' requirements but we cope with the language barrier, at a price!

Half packed we retire.








Pont Royal

Musee d'Orsay

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Musee d'Orsay

Versailles Palace

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