DATE: Wednesday 2 August, 1995

PLACE: Paris


Paris by Bus
The Eiffel Tower

REMARKS: We aren't brave enough to take on the Metro (yet) so we walk to the Eiffel Tower (in the heat!). Impressive monumental buildings en-route, many not known to us.

We only go as high as Level 2, but the view of nearby Paris is impressive (the smog and haze severely limits the distance we can see). We brunch on the Tower.

A Parisbus Tour is the next item; as in London it is 'hop on, hop off', and our ticket is valid for two days.

We leave it at Notre Dame, which is dark but impressively tall (and swathed in scaffolding). Wonderful stone carvings and luminescent stained glass windows of blue and violet/purple.

We re-join the tour as far as the Arc de Triomphe, where the Tourism Office is wonderfully cool and gives advice on how to get to Versailles and the airport.

The Louvre was to be the evening event but at 1730 there is still a daunting queue in hot sunlight. We pass on it.







Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

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